Just in time for Valentine’s Day – Massage for Couples Workshop

Nov 14, 2018 | News

Looking for something to do for an anniversary, birthday, or date night? When was the last time you learned something new with your sweetie?

A couple’s massage class is a fun way to spend time together and learn the basics of giving a great massage. It’s no secret that massage has many health benefits, but it can benefit your relationship, too! Caring, intentional touch is a wonderful way to care for your partner, while relaxing and spending time together.

In this special 3 ½-hour workshop, we will learn:

  • How to create a relaxing environment for massage sessions
  • 3-4 basic massage techniques that you can use for a full body session
  • Using just the right amount of pressure
  • The flow of giving a great massage
  • Tapping into intuition and intention

The class includes plenty of supervised hands-on practice per each partner, otherwise referred to as a Couple or Pair of people – which may be any two people who have elected to take this class together. Couples will be exchanging massage while being taught a soothing massage protocol for the full body.

Almost anyone can give a great relaxation massage after learning the basics. You’ll benefit from all the health benefits of massage: fewer headaches, deeper sleep, less muscle tension, and enjoy spending this time with your partner.

The class is held in a fully-equipped room and is limited to 5 couples so that your Instructor can grant you both her undivided attention. We respect your privacy with modesty-protecting practices throughout the class, which requires some minor disrobing, while keeping you fully-draped and minimally-exposed.

Please wear loose fitting clothing with swimwear underneath, or activewear. The only thing you need to bring to your session is your partner. Lotions, linens, and learning materials are all supplied in class!

If you or your partner are pregnant or have allergies, please notify us when registering.

This class is intended for those who are not looking to become Licensed Massage Therapists but do want to learn how to give a great massage as a personal skill to their friends, family and/or other loved ones!

Private two-hour classes (just one couple and the massage therapist) are available upon request for $249.

When: Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019, 6-9:30 pm

Where: Zoetic Wellness Center

Cost: $199 per couple

This is a small group class, limited to just 5 couples. I strongly recommend registering early to guarantee your spot in the class!