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I am a Maryland Licensed Massage Therapist. I received my primary massage therapy education in Maryland at Anne Arundel Community College, which included several modalities: Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, hot stone and chair massage, plus Myofascial Release and reflexology. I have additional, specific training in oncology massage and massage for PTSD/emotional trauma, as well as Healing Touch and Reiki. I am certified in Manual Lymph Drainage, and Integrative Reflexology.

Centuries ago, Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Massage is actually a second career for me, and it’s a chance to truly do what I love. I’ve had 20 successful years in web design/development and graphic design, but I’ve reached a point in my life where my heart is calling me to get out from behind the computer and connect with others in a more fulfilling way. My interest in specializing in oncology massage also has personal roots, in the loss of my grandmother as well as friends to breast cancer and other cancers.

I’ve also just spent a little over two years walking alongside my dad on the end of his own life’s journey, through dementia and kidney failure. Having had these experiences, I can truly appreciate the stress, exhaustion, and grief of the caregiver, which is a large part of why I am such a vocal advocate for self-care. During that time, when dad’s health took such a drastic turn downhill, I had to step into the role of advocate and caregiver for him. This was on top of a full-time job, and full-time college. When I look back on that period of time, the stress and daily to-do list in hindsight are overwhelming. How in the world did I survive all of that – and keep it all together for dad? I have a crazy theory, and my crazy theory is finding some traction as I read through the evidence-based research. I kept it together thanks to massage therapy, because I was getting massage regularly due to the massage therapy program I was in at AACC. And the benefits were amazing.

My approach to bodywork speaks to my personal experience with massage and my studies, and follows a holistic philosophy – that the mind, body, and spirit are a Whole and imbalances or trauma to any one of those areas may impact the others. Mental and emotional trauma and spiritual imbalances can manifest physically as pain in the body. Chronic pain and other debilitating conditions can likewise bring on depression and disconnect from one’s body. In my practice, I create a safe space for clients to work through their concerns gently and authentically. Everything I do is from the heart, with Presence, Compassion, and a deeply-held calling to be of Service. I am known especially for my soothing touch.

Outside of my practice, I enjoy reading, writing, and other creative pursuits. I married my husband, Michael, in November 2016, and we have two energetic dachshund puppies and three lazy cats.

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